The Trinity Challenge: Get involved in global innovation

Be bold and get involved now. Writing on LinkedIn, Adrian Gore, CEO of Discovery Ltd, a Founding Member of The Trinity Challenge encourages entrants to apply today. Read his article here.

Last month, Discovery along with other founding members of The Trinity Challenge, announced a new coalition of partners using data and analytics to identify, generate, and recognise insights to contribute to the goal of a world better protected from health emergencies. Convened under Dame Sally Davies, Master of Trinity College, The Trinity Challenge aims to serve as a platform to find solutions that will have a tangible and lasting impact on society.

I am excited to share with you that the Challenge is now open for applications – for anyone across the globe to submit their ideas to safeguard international health and economic systems from the threat of future emergencies. A reward pool of more than £10 million will be made available to the teams entering the Challenge to support and scale their innovations across areas including economics, behavioural sciences, and epidemiology. Entrants will also have the opportunity to collaborate with the founding member companies, which include Discovery, Facebook and Microsoft, to scale up their solutions. 

The Trinity Challenge focuses on three broad categories:

  • Identification: Building early-warning systems and ground-breaking technologies to identify pathogens or outbreaks before they cause great harm.
  • Response: Developing insights and capabilities to target interventions with maximal effectiveness and at minimal cost.
  • Recovery: Strengthening the social and economic revival following health emergencies and constructing an equitable path toward an inclusive recovery.

Applicants can now apply or register their interest via the application portal on The Trinity Challenge website – The portal is open until 8 November 2020 for collaborative submissions - whereby applicants can submit proposals to partner with any of The Trinity Challenge Members. Applicants making independent submissions have until 15 January 2021. 

At Discovery we believe in the power of purpose-based innovation to transform the lives of individuals and society. We believe that optimistic ideas driven with tenacity and urgency, and executed with integrity and fairness, lead to the kinds of paradigm-shifting solutions the world needs now. Be bold and get involved.