The Trinity Challenge is now open for applications

London, UK, 12 October 2020The Trinity Challenge, launched by Dame Sally Davies last month, is now open for applications. Bringing the world’s best and brightest minds and global organisations together in a £10m Challenge, The Trinity Challenge is looking for real world solutions and evidence-based insights to better protect the world against future health emergencies. The Trinity Challenge is calling on people from across the world to submit their ideas to safeguard our health and economic systems from the threat of future global health emergencies. 

Challenge participants will be supported with access to people, data and resources from Founding Members. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with Members to scale up their solutions.  

Dame Sally Davies, Master of Trinity College Cambridge, said 

“Anyone, from anywhere, with any background can be an expert, and we believe that this strong and growing coalition will generate insights that protect and improve lives. 

With the rise of a second wave across the world, we cannot miss this opportunity to come together and make sure this never happens again.” 

Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of HKUMed which is one of several academic founding members of the Trinity Challenge calls everyone to action to:  

“Join the Challenge to bring about a transformational improvement in population health globally!” 

The Founding Members are: Aviva, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Brunswick Group, University of Cambridge, Discovery Limited, Facebook, Global Virome Project, Google, GSK,  HKUMed, Imperial College London, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Internews, Legal and General, LSE, McKinsey and Company, Microsoft, Northeastern University, Optum, Reckitt Benckiser, Tencent, Zenysis Technologies.  

How to get involved 

Applicants can now apply or register their interest via the application portal on The Trinity Challenge website – The portal is open until 8th November 2020 for collaborative submissions - whereby applicants can submit proposals to partner with any of The Trinity Challenge Members. Applicants making independent submissions have until 15 January 2021.  

Dr. Karen DeSalvo, Chief Medical Officer of Google Health, one of the Founding Members, emphasises the time critical nature of the Challenge, saying:   

“We have all witnessed the devastating human impact of this COVID-19 pandemic.  We have seen that the right information, at the right time, can save lives. Having access to data insights is critical in making sure this mission is successful, and I’m looking forward to finding out what we can unlock together.”  

3 key questions: Identification, response, and recovery 

The Trinity Challenge is a commitment by business and academia to source the breakthrough solutions we all need to beat future pandemics. By premising our efforts on the value of partnerships and the rigor of data, we can answer the question of what we could have done 5 years ago to prepare for COVID-19 and what we need to do now for future health emergencies. Challenge Teams will develop changemaking ideas, tools and insights relevant to each of the three stages of these emergencies: 

  • Identification: Building early-warning systems and ground-breaking technologies to identify pathogens or outbreaks before they cause great harm.
  • Response: Developing insights and capabilities to target interventions with maximal effectiveness and at minimal cost.
  • Recovery: Strengthening the social and economic revival following health emergencies and constructing an equitable path toward an inclusive recovery.

Kevin Sneader, Global Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company, which a key member of The Trinity Challenge secretariat and has been driving the progress of the challenge, said:  

“At McKinsey, we bring a sense of the interconnectedness between the world of solving problems on the health side and what it means for the business community, along with a set of data,tools, and deep research and insight. I hope well be able to bring those capabilities to the task at hand and do so in a way that is vital and brings to bear the power of very different approaches.” 

You can register your interest to participate in The Trinity Challenge at on the website at 


Notes to editors 

Dame Sally Davies and other leaders from the Founding Members are available for interviews on request, please call 07525897441, Hebe Trotter, Brunswick Group 

  1. The Trinity Challenge is a coalition of members united by the common aim of using data and advanced analytics to develop insights and actions to contribute to a world better protected from health emergencies.
  2. Our Vision is to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of one billion more people by using data and analytics to better predict and prevent outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics, and to improve the health, economic and social response and recovery to health emergencies and endemic disease.
  3. Our Mission is to give the brightest minds a platform to partner with leaders from businesses, the social sector and academia to collaborate and contribute insights as global public goods.
  4. Our Goal is to identify, generate and recognise insights to contribute to the goal of a world better protected from health emergencies and to drive positive health, economic and social changes in how the world responds to and recovers from outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.
  5. In order to realise the above, we (i) have launched a public Challenge on 14 September 2020 to generate, identify and recognise boundary-spanning insights across the categories of identification, response and recovery (ii) are announcing that the portal is now open and ready to receive applications, (iii) are convening high-impact collaborations, from diverse sectors and geographies, to drive action immediately (iv) are strengthening the data and analytics ecosystem in global public health, and committing to trusted data collaboration by promoting openness, privacy, security, empowerment, and usability.
  6. Visit our website at, follow up @Twitter@linkedin @facebook