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The Trinity Challenge is now open for final submissions

Updated 3rd June 2021

London, UK, 24 February 2021: The Trinity Challenge, launched by Dame Sally Davies in September 2020, is excited to announce that we are now open for submissions to the inaugural round of our public Challenge. Winners could be awarded part of a prize pot of up to £6M towards their solutions to some of the world’s most pressing pandemic problems.

Since our launch in September, we have received a high level of interest, with individuals and organisations from across sectors and geographies, eager to connect with our Members, form teams, and work on solutions for our public Challenge. We are now accepting final submissions, which will be reviewed by our expert panel of reviewers and judges, who represent a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.

The Trinity Challenge seeks solutions that use data and analytics to better identify, respond to, or recover from health emergencies, covering economics, behavioural sciences, epidemiology and many other disciplines. 

  • Identify: determine and limit diseases and the risks they pose to communities.
  • Respond: decrease transmission and spread by identifying measures that are effective, equitable, and affordable.
  • Recover: improve the resilience of health and economic systems, and address the disproportionate impacts of outbreaks and pandemics, particularly on vulnerable groups.

We are excited to be partnering with MIT Solve to deliver our inaugural Challenge. MIT Solve has a strong track record of hosting open innovation challenges for social impact on their award-winning platform.

The portal for submissions has been officially opened at our Town Hall event, on February 24th. Information on how to submit a solution, or more generally on our Challenge processes, is available at the submission platform ( We also welcome questions at info[at]

We are looking forward to receiving your solutions!

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Notes to editors 

Our CEO Hala Audi and other leaders from the Founding Members are available for interviews on request, please call +44 07525 897441, Hebe Trotter, Brunswick Group 

  1. The Trinity Challenge is a coalition of members united by the common aim of using data and advanced analytics to develop insights and actions to contribute to a world better protected from health emergencies.
  2. Our Vision is to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of one billion more people by using data and analytics to better predict and prevent outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics, and to improve the health, economic and social response and recovery to health emergencies and endemic disease.
  3. Our Mission is to give the brightest minds a platform to partner with leaders from businesses, the social sector and academia to collaborate and contribute insights as global public goods.
  4. Our Goal is to identify, generate and recognise insights to contribute to the goal of a world better protected from health emergencies and to drive positive health, economic and social changes in how the world responds to and recovers from outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.
  5. In order to realise the above, we (i) have launched a public Challenge on 14 September 2020 to generate, identify and recognise boundary-spanning insights across the categories of identification, response and recovery (ii) are announcing that the portal is now open and ready to receive submissions, (iii) are convening high-impact collaborations, from diverse sectors and geographies, to drive action immediately (iv) are strengthening the data and analytics ecosystem in global public health, and committing to trusted data collaboration by promoting openness, privacy, security, empowerment, and usability.
  6. Visit our website at, follow up @Twitter@linkedin @facebook