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The Vaccine Confidence Project joins as newest member

London, 28th April 2021

The Vaccine Confidence Project, an interdisciplinary and international research group at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine specialising in monitoring public confidence in vaccines, providing insights and informing strategies to address emerging risks, today announced that they would be joining The Trinity Challenge as its newest member.

The Trinity Challenge is a coalition of members united by the common aim of a world better protected from health emergencies. Working with more than 40 member organisations from the private, charitable and academic sectors, it is determined to achieve deep shifts in health preparedness, using existing and emerging data tools and technology in a new way that is more effective, less expensive and benefits more people and communities more equitably.
The first innovation Challenge, launched in October 2020, will reward the best solutions that will contribute to a world better protected from health emergencies, with prizes of up to £2 million. The application portal closed on 18th April with submissions from over 60 countries, achieving the goal of delivering a Challenge drawing the best insights from anyone, anywhere.

By joining the Coalition of Members of The Trinity Challenge, The Vaccine Confidence Project will lend their expertise and tools to monitor and act against public concerns around vaccines. They will advise and collaborate with other world-leading researchers and institutions in public health and artificial intelligence on sustainable global AI-powered frameworks to mitigate vaccine hesitancy and immunise against vaccine misinformation.

“We are delighted that The Vaccine Confidence Project is joining our coalition of Members” said Hala Audi, CEO of The Trinity Challenge. “As we know, vaccine success is not merely a factor of positive trial outcomes. The best science breakthroughs can be derailed when vaccine reluctance and a lack of public trust slows delivery and take up. Led by Professor Heidi Larsson, the Vaccine Confidence Project brings the kind of international, inter-disciplinary insights that are so crucial to the world really doing better now against COVID-19 and much better next time. We are thrilled that they will be able to connect and collaborate with a range of Trinity Challenge members and our future prize winners.”

About The Vaccine Confidence Project

The Vaccine Confidence Project monitors public confidence in vaccines and immunisation programmes through an information surveillance system designed for early detection of public concerns; diagnostic tools applied to data collected to determine the risk level of public concerns in terms of their potential to disrupt vaccine programmes; analysis and guidance for early response and engagement with the public; and effective, research-informed strategic communications, bringing together data and insight to design campaigns that build trust.