We have our winners! Trinity Challenge on Antimicrobial Resistance awardees announced Read about the winning solutions

The Trinity Challenge on Antimicrobial Resistance - Awards Ceremony

Thursday 06 June 2024 - register here.

Join Founder and Chair of the Trinity Challenge, Professor Dame Sally Davies, our Director Professor Marc Mendelson, and key partners, funders and stakeholders for the Trinity Challenge on Antimicrobial Resistance Award Ceremony.

This virtual ceremony brings together our finalists together to announce the winners of the up to £1m prize fund, as well as the winners of runner-up prices. 



AMR in urban informal settlements of Fiji: insights for policy action

This project will capture first-of-its-kind evidence of AMR prevalence in urban informal settlements in Suva, Fiji, to fill a knowledge gap on this potentially significant reservoir of antibiotic resistance, and the effectiveness of mitigations. This evidence will help establish a national AMR facility, and provide evidence-based policy guidance toward Fiji’s National Action Plan.


AMRSense: Empowering Communities with a Proactive One Health Ecosystem

AMRSense is a socio-technological innovation to build a network of community health workers in two Indian states and empower these workers with AI-assisted data recording. The data will be integrated with antibiotic sales, consumption and surveillance trends which will allow for predictive analytics that can help tackle AMR.

CHAMP: Community Health Antimicrobial Resistance Platform

CHAMP by Khushi Baby is an antimicrobial stewardship monitoring tool that guides prescriptions, monitors adherence, and educates on antibiotic use, directly at the community level, empowering health workers and improving patient outcomes against AMR.

OASIS: OneHealth Antimicrobial Stewardship for Informal Health Systems

OASIS transforms rural healthcare by enabling informal rural healthcare providers for humans and animals to monitor personal antimicrobial provision data for infections treated, via the Antibiotic Bandhu (friend of antibiotics) app. By integrating this with regional AMR data, the app will empower providers to adopt responsible antimicrobial practices.


Community Surveillance and AI Solutions for AMR Reduction in Kenya 

Living Goods and Pendulum Systems’ solution strengthens Kenya’s community-level AMR response by empowering community health workers with enhanced data collection tools to inform targeted interventions; leveraging AI-driven supply chain optimization solutions to improve antibiotics access; and partnering with government to explore the integration of AMR data solutions into government information systems.

South Africa

AMRoots: Grassroots AMR in small scale farming communities

AMRoots will generate new data towards holistic understanding of the development and transmission of antimicrobial resistance in livestock farming communities that are critical for the future food security of sub-Saharan Africa, while integrating scalable and community-led approaches to mitigating AMR in these regions.



SafeMeat establishes a decentralised community-based surveillance network leveraging local slaughterhouses to collect and test meat samples for AMR. An AI platform integrates this crowdsourced data to identify AMR hotspots, generate risk maps, and provide timely alerts, enabling effective monitoring of the meat supply chain.


Farm2Vet: Combatting AMR on the Farm Frontier

Encourage responsible antibiotic use in food-producing animals by offering subsistence farmers instant, easy, low-cost access to trusted veterinary services for disease diagnosis and treatment advice via the platform. Farm2Vet acts as an effective surveillance platform by collecting data directly from small farmers and veterinary service suppliers.