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The Challenge Categories

To protect one billion more people from health emergencies, The Trinity Challenge will focus on generating, identifying and recognising insights through data and analytics. To be accepted into The Challenge, all applicants will have to provide ideas and concepts addressing at least one of three areas in which to improve our approach towards pandemic prevention & control: Better identification, better response and better recovery.

Applications opened in October 2020.


We need to know where outbreaks are likely to occur and why, and to identify interventions to reduce risk and spill over.


We need to know what measures are effective, and at the least societal and economic cost, to reduce transmission and spread.


We need to know how to address the disproportionate health and economic impact of outbreaks and pandemics, particularly on vulnerable groups.

For more information on The Challenge categories please download this detailed description.

Please refer to our FAQ section for further details about the Challenge.