We have our winners! Trinity Challenge on Antimicrobial Resistance awardees announced Read about the winning solutions

Eight Weeks of Insights: Podcasts that Pack a Punch!

Image by Denisse Leon/Unsplash 


The winners of The Trinity Challenge as you've never heard them before!


This series of podcasts features the people behind the prize-winning solutions: their inspiration, what kept them going, and what it means to be part of The Trinity Challenge.

With your host, James Dray (Partner, Brunswick Group), sit back and enjoy the conversations on everything from blood tests and rats and bats, to apps, wireless sensors, vaccine trackers, dashboards, and loads more. 

Funny, insightful and packed full of bite-sized science. Just what you need to boost your day!

The next episode will be available on 2nd February, and each successive Wednesday thereafter, till 16th March 2022.

Find us on Spotify & Apple Podcasts. Search for The Trinity Challenge Winners Series. 


Mic image by Stux/Pixabay